"All Life is V.R."   (2017) 


12 new tracks of original songs written and performed by Steve. A more consistently acoustic-sounding album than his previous efforts, Steve once again puts his fine songwriting and guitar-playing talents to good use. 

Track List: 

1.   Torturing the Blues

2.    Hero

3.    Fly Trap

4.    Any Minute Now

5.    Eve Bit on the Apple

6.    Fountain

7.    Little Angel

8.    Paradox Blues

9.    Smouldering Secrets

10.  You'll Always Have my Love

11. All Life is V.R.

12. If I Do Not Kiss you Right Now 

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"The Best of Steve Adams 2015"


A compilation - 25 tracks selected from Steve's first four albums.

Track list:

1 Cannabis Triffidus

2 I'm Coming After You

3 Séance

4 I'll Be There

5 Bubbles

6 Get it Right

7 Close Encountered

8 All Men are Autistic

9 Doppelgängers

10 Alright Now

11 Alternative Earth

12 How do you sleep at night?

13 Superman Suit (Song for Keith)

14 Gardening Tips

15 Talking Pubsinger's Blues

16 I need you

17 Millennium Bug Blues

18 Karaoke Machine

19 Viagra Overdose

20 Kirk's Blues

21 Roundabout

22 The Untogether Band

23 Rock Me, Don't Roll Me

24 We Might as Well Dance

25 One Little Beat of my Heart

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 Steve's 2014 album:  

"I Do Not Entertain Lightly"


 14 weirdly original new tracks guaranteed to make your brain water.

Here's the track list:

1  Bubbles

2 I'll Be There

3 Close Encountered

4 Learn How To Love

5 Superman Suit (Song for Keith)

6 Get Ye Behind Me Satan

7 Gardening Tips

8 When Will Grown Ups Learn How To Shut Up?

9 I Just Want To Be With You

10 Please Don't Leave Me

11 Get Your Google Pants On

12 I've Got All I Need in You

13 Trash Pop

14 Shadows

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Steve's third (2012) album:  

"Book of Blues"

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Once again Steve displays his unique song writing talent, assured acoustic guitar playing and versatility in an outstanding album containing 17 original new recordings. 

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His second (2011) album:  

"The Big Fight"

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  This excellent collection of songs exemplifies Steve's wide range of writing and performing styles. From humorous, surreal, intelligent jazz-rock numbers to achingly beautiful folky love songs, Steve's formidable writing and acoustic guitar-playing skills shine through.  There are 20 original songs on the album - 18 new recordings (plus 2 reworkings of previously released songs - an acoustic version of "Outside the Pearly Gates" and a digitally remastered version of "Cannabis Triffidus"). 

The internet radio station, RadioIndy, in their review of this album, wrote: If you are a fan of Bob Dylan then you will really appreciate the delectable songs on the terrific CD, "The Big Fight."


1: As a taster, a showcase video "Six Songs from Big Fight" is also available. This will give you an idea of what the album sounds like.

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The remastered version of Steve's first (1999)  album 

"Busker at the Pearly Gates"


15 tracks, including surreal humour (Cannabis Triffidus, Fast Food Takeaway, Talking Pubsinger's Blues etc.), biting political ballads (The English Not So Patients, Untogether Band, etc.) and 3 bonus tracks, including a vintage 1977 live performance introduced by Bob Harris.

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