"Humorous yet poignant" (Maddy Prior).

Musical Career:

1967-69 - (Cardiff)  lead vocalist and organist in the rock and soul band "Stopwatch". Residency at the Stork Club, Tiger Bay. Gigged at numerous venues in South Wales.


1975-82 - (Bristol then Tamworth) Soloist singer/songwriter, headlining at numerous folk clubs and college venues in England and Wales.1977 - Released vinyl album "Steve Adams (no longer available)


1977 - won first prize in the Melody Maker's National Rock/Folk Contest.


1979 - 1984 (Tamworth) Ran the Steve Adams Recording Studio, recorded numerous Midlands bands and solo artists (rock, folk, Asian etc) including Julian Cope, Vitthal Rao.

1992-3 (Tamworth) Keyboard player and programmer in the hi-tec duo "The Heat" with David Fitzgerald. Gigged mainly in London and the Midlands.

1998-9 Rediscovered the guitar and began performing on the Midlands folk scene.

1999 Released first CD album "Busker at the Pearly Gates".

2011 Released second CD album "The Big Fight". 


2012 Released the remastered version of first (1999) CD album "Busker at the Pearly Gates".  

December 2012 Released third CD album "Book of Blues".  

2013 Released Compilation CD album "Best of Steve Adams".


2014 Released download-only single "Superman Suit".


2014 Released album "I Do Not Entertain Lightly".  


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